Your body functions by simple and logical rules. To get the energy you need to do your daytime activities, you need enough rest and nutrition rich in vitamins and nutrients. When your body is content with what it receives, it will react accordingly. You will have a quiet, restful sleep and get the energy required to carry out your daily tasks.

But what happens when you can not rest at night no matter how many hours you sleep? There are some tips that can help you fall asleep faster.
Here are some mandatory conditions to fall asleep.

1. Take a warm shower before going to bed

If you take a warm shower before lying on your bed, it will help you relax your muscles and empty your mind.

2. Keep the cool room

The bedroom should have an optimal temperature to make and keep you sleeping. Maintain a constant temperature in your room.

3. Use lavender oil

Lavender oil is recognized for its ability to calm the nervous system and relax. You can use a scented stick and let it burn in the evening for a pleasant smell. Or you can pour lavender drops on the bed and the scent will be everywhere.

The atmosphere in your bedroom has the most important say in both the quality of your sleep and the speed with which you can relax and fall asleep.


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