lucid dream

We spend around six years of living dreaming. That’s about 2,190 days or 52,560 hours. While we may be aware of the perceptions and emotions we experience when we dream, many of us do not realize that they only dream when they wake up. But some people have the ability not only to experience the dream, but to live and control it, being able to awaken certain parts of their consciousness. The lucid dream is a quite uneducated subject, but recent research shows that this state is a hybrid that allows us to perceive things differently than usual.

The lucid dream has often been associated with an “abnormality” that can occur during sleep, as well as sleep paralysis or false awakenings, when we are convinced that we have woken up, but it is not true. All these states actually reflect an increase in awareness and perception of things in a different way, not necessarily abnormal. According to studies by the University of Sheffield, along with their New York college classmates, half of the world’s population experiences at least a lucid lifelong dream. A state in which we can be “creators,” we can design our entire existence as we desire.

lucid dream

Why is this happening to us, even for a few minutes while the dream lasts, scientists still have no answer. There are many theories according to cultures or religions; most talk about our preparation or initiation, a spiritual awakening, an awareness of what we are, of our true potential. But beyond the spiritual side there are people who claim that the lucid dream can be induced. Such a theory is also present in the Inception movie by Leonardo Dicaprio.

The theory of the induced dream fascinates scientists who for years have been trying to find evidence of such a capacity as well as the way of development, if it exists. What is believed to date is that the lucid dream activates the different parts of our brain that we normally can not access. Volunteer studies have shown that the state of lucid dream indicates in the MRI an increase in activities of frontal areas of the brain.

lucid dream

But what triggers the lucid dream state and if people have the ability to induce it, there are questions to which science still has no answer. But perhaps the answer will not be provided by research, but by the dream …



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