Do you want to control your dreams? Scientists say it’s possible and they figured out how to do it. The lucid dream has long been considered a myth, but science has confirmed the existence of this type of dream. The lucid dream is a hybrid state between sleep and wakefulness. During the lucid dream you can control your feelings, emotions, and perform various actions and interactions in full awareness. Many people have experienced lucid dreams, and scientists have long wondered what happens in our brains during a lucid dream. What was scientifically known was that lucid dreamers are people who can become aware of their dream during sleep, but the process that caused this state was unknown.

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For the first time, scientists have now discovered a unique technique to induce a lucid dream. Researchers have figured out some key ways to help us control our dreams, and that means we can experience all lucid wishes if we want to. According to the study, we should first wake up after about five hours of sleeping for a short time. During this time, we have to induce in the subconscious that we want to dream and that we will remember that dream by repeating the phrase: “Next time I dream, I will remember that I dream. I remember and I will be in a lucid dream. ” Then obviously we have to go back to bed. So we will enter a period of REM, where dreams are more likely.

The study showed that 46% of the participants who fell asleep five minutes after the end of the subconscious period of dream state had lucid dreams. Those who tried other techniques or a combination of them had lucid dreams in the proportion of only 17%. The study was conducted on 47 volunteers divided into three groups.



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