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  • – 2/3 of adults in developed countries do not sleep the 8 hours per night recommended by the World Health Organization.
  • – An adult who sleeps 6.75 hours a night is likely to live up to the age of 60 if he / she does not have medical interventions.
  • – Men who sleep poorly have reduced sperm quality by up to 29%.
  • – If you drive and slept for less than 5 hours, you have a chance of an accident of 4.3, and if you only slept for 4 hours, your chances are up to 11.5.
  • – A warm bath helps you sleep not because you’re warming up, but because your blood vessels dilate and emanate indoor heat while your body temperature drops. In order to sleep well, the core temperature of your body should drop to 1 degree.
  • – 40% of the population wakes up in the morning, while 30% prefer to sleep late and wake up late. The remaining 30% are somewhere in the middle.


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