In 1940, a laboratory in the USSR experienced a terrifying experience. The results were disastrous and were therefore kept away from the press.

lack of sleep

Five people were locked in a room filled with gas that prevents sleep. For five days, the subjects were calm, held various conversations, told, ate, had normal behavior.

Five days later, things have degenerated. The experiment consisted of five political prisoners and had a duration of 15 days. He had promised to be released if the experiment ended well.

The experiment took a dramatic turn. The subjects had become paranoid. They were aggressive, destroyed the furniture in the room, shouted, had visions. During this time, the subjects were monitored by Soviet specialists. Although the situation had taken a dramatic turn, it did not intervene, the specialists being simply spectators at a macabre show. The subjects agonized, some shouted for help.

On the 14th day, it was decided to open the door of the room. Four of the subjects were alive. The fifth person was dead, but his body had been devoured by the other subjects. Although they had food, the four chose another solution to feed themselves. There were violent fights among the five subjects. Survivors had deep wounds on the body and were in a state of agony.

It was ordered that the four subjects be taken to a laboratory to perform the necessary analyzes. In the lab, one of the doctors lost his life after a furious attack that the four subjects had on the doctor.

Subjects had become beasts. They were attacking without interference. It took the intervention of the soldiers who shot two of the subjects.

The man who recorded the record of sleeplessness is Randy Gardner, a 17-year-old who, during an experiment in 1964, failed to sleep for 11 days.

It was found that the part of the brain that generates sleep worked in a state of emergency. At the end of the experiment, Gardner was exhausted. He did not know what his name was.