The most unhealthy sleeping position? Which is? The importance of sleep for the body is known to all people. The problem that has not been debated as much is that of the position in which we sleep.

Is it important if we sleep on our back, belly or side? Doctors think so.

The worst position we could sleep in is on our stomach, informs This posture makes it impossible to keep your spine in a healthy position, leading to muscle aches, tingling and numbness.

If you cannot sleep other than on your stomach, to reduce the negative effects of this posture, you should sleep without a pillow or place the pillow in the lower abdomen.

The position of sleeping better than this is on the back . However, this position also has some disadvantages. Sleeping on your back is not recommended for those who are prone to snoring. In addition, there is a risk that from this position, some people will drown, swallowing their tongue.

Expectant mothers should not sleep on their backs in the last trimester of pregnancy either, as the weight of the uterus puts pressure on the spine, back muscles and blood vessels.

It also matters a lot on which side you sleep. For example, those who sleep on the right side will suffer from heartburn. Those who prefer the left side do not have problems with gastric acid, but thus press on the internal organs, namely the liver and lungs.

Vivian Eisenstadt, a therapist at a hospital in Los Angeles, recommends that people who sleep on their side use three pillows: an ergonomic pillow under the head, a pillow under the waist and one between the legs.

The most unhealthy sleeping position. In second place in positions that are not recommended for sleeping is known fetal position: on one side, with the knees to the chest. Although comfortable at first, over time it leads to back pain, sagging breasts and wrinkles.

We recommend that your shoulders and neck be aligned during sleep.

A softer mattress is also good, taking over the pressure that can be exerted on the wrists. However, it should not be too soft, because the mattress should support the neck well.


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