An hour of midnight prayer is worth more than ten hours of prayer during the day. If we do not pray at night, then our hours and days pass without bringing any fruit. Do you sleep at midnight? Then your life will always be an insecure life. Your existence is paralyzed when you do not dedicate the core of the night of prayer, because you do not receive the Holy Spirit. God knows and recognizes midnight prayer, but stable prayer. Whether you are at the cell or outside the monastery, at midnight you must be in the sight of God. Know that this time belongs to God. This moment should be dedicated to meeting with God, who must become your God. It is your moment of ladder [see Fac. 28, 12].

At midnight, the Church is watching and fighting with demons, for at that moment they tempt people and urge them to various sins or murders. During this time the sick suffer, and the sinners are tortured. In these hours, which are hours of silence, the Holy Spirit illuminates man, and God loves to speak His creature. Then we can become victors.

In these hours, the saints of our Church also worship and rejoice the risen God. How beautiful is spoken in the Gospel and the Old Testament, especially in the Psalms, of the Risen Christ! At that moment, God rises “defeating death and giving life.” If we do not attend this church meeting, we will not be able to feel His company, we will not be able to live the communion of church life in Christ.

So, get up one hour before, or at least midnight, sit down to prayer and see that God is sensible and easy to approach. We usually complain that God is harsh, does not respond to prayers. In reality, God is more sensitive than even the most sensible creature on earth. But there are certain hours when you can talk to him much easier. That is why you have to learn His “habits”. One of these habits is that He likes to talk to people at midnight. If you speak to Him in those moments, then He will help you whenever you ask Him for help. But if you do not seek Him in those moments, then you will remain helpless. And even if you are going through extremely happy moments or you will find yourself in extremely pleasant circumstances or you will have extremely beautiful thoughts, you will never have God. For God in those moments (at midnight) shows His children and comforts His saints. In those moments, the heavenly altar consumes the burnt offering, and the saints sense communion with the believers and wait for them to enjoy with them.

Our church has not ceased to emphasize the importance of the midnight moment. As evidence, he also composed the midwife. Whoever prays at midnight makes his life easy, for the merciful God waits for us to meet and does not let us tired in vain, as we sometimes believe.

Watching gives us that feeling of joy, because it is not just a strain of our aspirations, a fool of our own, but a real encounter with God or at least a burning fire that I feel, a burning of all, a sacrifice without righteousness before God. But the question is, how do we have to stand before God during the watch?

Of course, when we are about to start watching, we are sleeping, we are laziness, unbelief, hopelessness, we have the impression that we are lost, that we have not done anything, nor will we do anything good in life. These are the feelings we are trying to do when we start watching. For example, it may be that a seventy-year-old monk has not begun to do his liturgy (canon) in the ascetic sense of the word, because he was probably accustomed to sleeping first and then getting up to prayer . Or perhaps some think the canon is something formal: it means to make four hundred methans, to read a little and ready. Not at all, it’s good, and at least it reminds me of God. But it is not enough. Watching must be done as the Church requires and as it is most useful for us to meet God.