The position we adopt during sleep tells a lot about our couple relationship and about us. Paulo Sergio de Camargo, specialist in body language and author of a book on techniques to improve personal relationships (Técnicas para mejorar las relaciones personales y profesionales) analyzed and concluded what your sleeping position can indicate about your relationship!

Back to back:

Those who are accustomed to sleep in this position keep their personal space without losing contact with their partner. “They are dynamic people who have independent lives but have a stable and healthy relationship”, says Oliveira. The psychologist also says that this position denotes trust in a relationship, and there is a clear need for rapprochement between the two. “They seem to mirror each other. This symmetry demonstrates a synchronicity between the two. There is the need for the other. The two stay separate very little time.”

Back to back, without touching:

This position may be an alarm signal that something is wrong with the relationship. According to Oliveira, the position denotes a need for space between the two, a need for freedom for both partners. “Lack of contact between the bodies opposite-oriented can be associated with a recent major struggle or a need for total independence from each other.” Camargo completes Oliveira’s words, saying that if in sleep the two bodies are in a tense position and the hands are tightened in the fist then the two do not want to communicate about their problems; if, however, the bodies are relaxed and the hands are standing next to the body, then, most likely, there is no tension in the relationship and the two just respect the partner’s personal space.

Face to face, without touching

According to Camargo, those who adopt this position in sleep need privacy and feel that they have to observe the other, but respect their personal space. “They know how to deal with everyday routine and problems and respect each other’s moments of intimacy without distancing each other”, he says. Oliveira also says that this position signifies a propitious moment in a relationship. “Although there is no contact, the mere fact that the two face up front means accepting the other as part of itself. Most likely, the two are very good friends and reliable partners, and their sexual life is also quite active”, believes João Oliveira.


For body language specialists, this position denotes a sign of passion and desire. “It is a common position at the beginning of a relationship and is specific to the moment after sexual intercourse, the two wanting to unite their bodies in one”, says Oliveira.

Another body language interpreter, Ronaldo Antonio Cavalli, believes that hugging with both arms and legs reveals a strong sexual desire. He also says that those who sleep in this position suffer from jealousy.

Little spoon:

According to specialist Sergio de Camargo, the hugger feels the need to protect the other, and the hugee feels comfortable and safe. “It can be the position that reflects the perfect harmony in a relationship. The two bodies are transformed into one, you can feel the passion and the need to be together.” Oliveira says, however, that this position may also suggest uncertainty in the relationship. “Do not be fooled by this position. Although it may mean a good relationship, it can also be an attempt to secure the other while the relationship does not work well”, adds Oliveira.

Embraced, with her head on his chest:

For body language specialist Antonio Cavalli, this position reveals compromise, love and affection for the other. “Denotes a very good relationship. The pair is in an excellent moment, and the sex life should be perfect”, adds Oliveira. Oliveira is also of the opinion that the head on the partner’s chest shows a deep affection for the other. Camargo, otherwise, says that this denotes the total confidence of the woman in her partner who is most likely the dominant person in the relationship: “the woman’s embrace amplifies the need to protect her”.

One on the whole bed, the other on a piece:

Oliveira is of the opinion that this is not a good position for a pair: “A person occupying the whole bed does not show affection for the other. The need for more space may be a need for self-affirmation in relation”. For this, the position suggests a difficult moment in which the “exiled” feels unsafe and put aside. Moreover, Camargo says sleeping on his/her belly with hands above head indicates the need to dominate and control the relationship.

Each on ones bedside, but touching their feet:

This position indicates love, but need for attention, says Oliveira. “It’s a mixture of passion and problems. It may be that the two go through a moment of anxiety or have problems at work.” Camargo says the one who is sleeping on one’s back (here, the man) he does not feel the need to see his partner, while the one who is sleeping with his hands over her head (woman) needs to control the space, implicitly the relationship. For Cavalli, as there is contact at the legs level, there is compromise and complicity between the two.

Each on ones bedside, but touching:

According to Paulo Sergio de Camargo, such a position is characteristic of a rather spontaneous relationship: “Everyone respects each other’s space. They can have separate friends and activities, but trust is mutual”. The hand that marks the contact shows the intention to protect and assume its role, but without exaggerating. Her face turned towards him demonstrates confidence and comfort in his presence. For Oliveira, this position may also mean an attempt to reconcile after a quarrel.

Back to the other, but touching:

According to Camargo, this position denotes the need for freedom, but his hand suggests that he wants her beside him, that he needs contact. Oliveira believes that “there is affection, but the relationship is no longer the same. She is probably in a good time from a professional point of view, she has high self-esteem, and he seeks support and affection”.


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