Symptoms of insomnia are known by everyone. This sleep disorder should be treated early, because it can have adverse health effects.


The natural ways in which insomnia can be fought are:


Known for relaxing properties, lavender is the plant that has the ability to combat insomnia. The smell of lavender and volatile oils cause a state of drowsiness. What should you do? Put some lavender yarn in the vase from the room, you can put a lavender under the pillow or massage the lavender essential oil. You can also fight insomnia if you put a few drops of essential lavender oil on your pillow.


Chamomile flowers have been used over the years to treat more health problems. Chamomile is also known for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, which have the ability to fight insomnia. Drink one cup of hot chamomile every evening. You will see how well you will feel after a few days when the body manages to rest.


The basic ingredient in many cuisines, rosemary, has become known for its medicinal properties. It seems that very effective in treating insomnia is rosemary tea, which is recommended for people who are experiencing this sleep disorder.

Black wormwood

Wormwood treats external conditions such as migraines and insomnia. Place two or three leaves of wormwood in a sachet together with two or three rosemary yarns. Put the envelope under the pillow – it’s said to be very good for fighting insomnia and anxiety.

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