Because of stress, cell phones, TV, work and children, it’s normal for you to experience sleep problems sometimes, but it’s important to keep in mind that you have to have both a quantitative and a qualitative sleep good to prevent the emergence or worsening of health problems.

If you have memory problems, you want to lose weight or be happier, then here is what you need to do to get better sleep.

1. If you fall asleep very hard – Stop drinking tea and coffee 7 hours before bed and do exercise every morning.

2. If you snore – Lie down with your hands under your head, rinse your nose with saline and avoid alcohol.

3. If your neck hurts – Correct the angle in which your neck rests on the pillow:

Sleeping on the belly or having too many pillows makes the neck stand in an unnatural position and this results in pain.

The pillow should be flat over the shoulders so that the neck can stand in a neutral position.Some experts suggest that you run a towel to support your neck.

Some experts suggest that you run a towel to support your neck.

4. If you have heartburn – Lie on your left side with your head on a large pillow and consult a specialist.

5. If you wake up hard – Wake up every morning at the same hour, even on the weekend.

6. If your back hurts

Sit back with a towel or a pillow under your knee to minimize back pain.

Stretch one side, then put a pillow between the knee for extra support. This trick also helps people with knee pain.

You do not have to sleep on your belly.

7. Cramps and muscle pain – Try to massage your painful area.

8. If you wake up often at night – Make sure the room temperature is between 20-22 degrees Celsius.

9. If you feel pain on your shoulders – Avoid sleeping on the side with the pain that hurts and stay more stretched on your back. If you sleep on the other side, put a big pillow on your chest and hold your hands on it.


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